An aeromodelling club in the heart of Ayrshire

Burns Country Flyers



A letter of agreement between Prestwick Tower and the Club is in place. The state of play is that we may fly any model under 7kg weight under 4oo feet above the ground, without restriction.

Anyone flying a 7kg model must inform the tower at Prestwick, 01292-511114. On the face of it, this is a bit of a restriction but it is not too onerous.

Basically, a quick courtesy call to inform the tower, and a call to tell them when you are finished.

Please programme the number in your mobile phone if you plan to fly a large model. For anyone without a mobile, a call before you leave the house with the times you plan to fly.


New documents for the Lawn Tractor.  Full instruction manual and a short 'please read' before using documents.


The Club is now affiliated to the BMFA.  Certificate is in the Documents section